Saya Menolak RUU Permusikan yang Disusun dengan Dasar yang Lemah dan Rawan Diskriminasi” oleh Jay Afrisando

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Jay Afrisando is an Indonesian music composer and sonic artist.

He uses music and sound-based art to share awareness of human-nature-technology relationships; this includes building a better relationship between people and technology, promoting a healthier symbiosis between human & nature, and inducing consciousness of our senses (and its critical appraisal)—especially the auditory one—towards the surrounding.

To communicate these vision to public, broad range of approaches are chosen: from musical composition to sound installation, from acoustic to electroacoustic, from fixed-media to improvisation, from implied to overt participatory-setting that invites audience to the very making, and everything in-between.

Some of his works have been performed in Yogyakarta, Ubud, Jakarta, Amsterdam, New York, New South Wales, Seoul, Seattle, Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Los Angeles by performers such as Ensemble Kyai Fatahillah (ID), Jay & Gatra Wardaya (ID), Duo Gelland (SE), Ere Lievonen (NL), Arend Grosfeld (NL), Anne Veinberg (AU), Alex Lubet (US), 가민 (Gamin, KR), Quartet of Quartets (AU), and many more.

He also participates in several projects including Jay & Gatra Wardaya (an artist collective focusing on poetry music and contemporary music), TIGAtrio (a trans-nation free improvisation group), and occasionally Airbatu (a jazz quintet).

His current instruments are a laptop (with SuperCollider and REAPER), saxophones, a saluang & a sarunai (traditional West Sumatra wind instruments), a piri (a traditional Korean wind instrument) mounted with a soprano saxophone mouthpiece, self-made PVC pipes, and toy flutes.

Holding a Master’s degree and being a PhD candidate at the University of Minnesota, he has been studying composition with Alex Lubet (US) & Mary Ellen Childs (US) as well as doing research on music ontology, auditory & musical cognitive, music psychology, improvisation, and music technology for compositional purposes.

He participated in Cultural Partnership Initiative’s 2014 International Fellowship in Study of Korean Music at the National Gugak Center, Seoul where he studies Piri and Janggu and observes compositional aspect of Korean music. In the following year, he was awarded 2nd Prize of Prix Annelie de Man 2015, an international composers competition held by Annelie de Man Foundation. He was also selected as one of the Fellows in the OneBeat 2015, an adventurous music-based diplomacy program initiated by the U.S. State of Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and organized by Found Sound Nation. 

In 2016, his participatory music performance project, entitled Mode[a]rn, was awarded Hibah Seni Karya Inovatif (Innovative Art Grant) 2016 by Yayasan Kelola (Kelola Foundation); it was performed by Jay & Gatra Wardaya in Yogyakarta and TIGAtrio (who did teleperformance) in Yogyakarta (Indonesia), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), and Bogota (Colombia).

He was awarded by American Composers Forum through the Minnesota Emerging Composers Award (MECA) 2016 funded by The Jerome Foundation.

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